Architectural Design

We strive to design buildings and spaces that strike a balance between beauty and budget, progressive and pragmatic, program and performance, context and concept. Our commitment to high quality architectural design has made us one of the top ten architectural firms in the region. Respectful of context and precedent, mindful of our clients' missions and values, and within budget, our architectural designs add value not only to our clients, but also to the greater community.

We are a full service architectural design firm, providing:

  • Site-planning
  • Zoning and variance assistance
  • Building code analysis
  • Pre-design
  • Programming
  • Building condition reports
  • Feasibility studies
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Bidding services
  • Construction administration

LEED/Green Design

We understand that sustainability and green design are essential for not only the long-term viability of our profession but also a commitment to be better stewards our environment. We have completed LEED Certified (including Gold), Energy Star Rated, and Sustainable projects throughout the Pittsburgh region, and use elements such as photovoltaic power, geothermal heating and cooling, and a variety of other green design elements in many of our projects. We work hard to match the environmental goals of our client's with the appropriate green design tools that we have at our disposal.

We offer a number of green design services, including:

  • LEED certification for all ratings systems
  • Determining green strategies that will bring value for each project on a case by case basis
  • Integration of the LEED process throughout the project from site selection to building occupancy
  • Sustainable material and product selection
  • Seven LEED Accredited Professionals on staff

Historic Preservation

We believe that the preservation of historic resources is more than nostalgic or kitschy recreations. Our daily lives are enriched by the presence and reuse of the resources and buildings that are the fabric of our collective history. While we promote preservation for the safeguarding of our past, we equally promote preservation to fill gaps in a development's pro forma with historic tax credits, create richer architectural expressions, and conserving both money and the planet by reusing rather than rebuilding.

With several design professionals dedicated to preservation, we offer services such as:

  • Historic structures reports
  • Nominations for historic reviews and designations
  • Application for historic tax credits (Parts I, II, and & III)
  • Masonry and terracotta restoration
  • Building stabilization
  • Advisory consultants

Interior Design

We know that successful projects integrate interior design early in the design process. We are committed to involving our interior design team as soon as practical, often right from the project kick off meeting. With a dedicated interior's staff with one of the region's newest and most advanced material's libraries, our interior designers shape and mold our project's interiors.

Our full-service Interior Design team provides services such as:

  • Office space test fits
  • Furniture system layouts
  • FFE selections and layouts
  • Finish selections
  • Color schemes
  • Lighting designs

Urban Design and Planning

The Urban Design and Planning studio at LGA works with communities, municipalities, and stakeholders to develop designs that enrich the day to day lives of those who are impacted by our efforts. Our projects range from streetscapes, downtown developments, and mixed use developments to campus master planning projects and beyond.

We offer a number of Urban Design and Planning services, including:

  • Urban Design and Planning
  • Neighborhood/Community Visioning
  • Project Design Charrettes
  • Community Consensus Building
  • Streetscape Design
  • Existing Condition Survey
  • Place Making 

Firm Profile

About Us

We draw you into the center of the project right from the start. That means fostering a client focused relationship.

Asking you questions until we arrive at a common vision. Turning that vision into a meaningful design that's never preconceived, but always rigorously considered, technically proficient, deferential to precedent, and responsive to context. And, from first sketch to punch list, applying a disciplined process to project management.

That's why so many of our clients work with us, project after project. They know they'll inspire us to design spaces that draw people in - and draw out the best in people.

Our Approach

LGA Partners has grown to be one of Pittsburgh's largest and most successful architectural firms for one simple reason: we design differently.

How do we do this?

  • We listen to our clients
  • We take our clients' missions to heart, reflecting them in our designs
  • Our designs respect context and precedent
  • We aim to evoke joy and inspiration in our work
  • Our design adds value to the greater community, and to the bottom line
  • We keep our projects within budget

Our Mission

LGA Partners seeks to design projects that balance innovation, context, precedent, and value.

Our mission is to form meaningful partnerships with our clients, consultants, and community; creating inspiring and enduring designs that meet or exceed project goals.

Our approach to achieving our mission is to carefully listen to our client's needs and aspirations, study the design challenges and opportunities, and arrive at a clearly articulated, common vision.

Our History

LGA Partners was founded in 1993 by Suzan Lami and Robert Grubb. Over the years the firm grew to be a leader in education, multi-family residential, community and healthcare design. Also one of the nation's premier retail, airport retail and restaurant design firms, LGA has made an impact on almost every major airport in the United States.

In the spring of 2014, LGA merged with Glance & Associates – a regional authority in liturgical, academic, multi-family residential and community design as well as historic preservation. Jonathan Glance joined partners Suzan Lami, Robert Grubb and Paulette Burns in the new LGA Partners.

Together the expanded firm continues to be inspired by our clients to design spaces that draw people in and draw out the best in people.

Recipient of over 50 awards including:

  • Design awards from AIA Pittsburgh
  • Historic Preservation Awards
  • Golden Trowel Awards from the International Masonry Institute
  • MBA Building Excellence Awards
  • Electric League Exellence in Lighting Awards
  • And many others.

Project Types:

  • Community and Recreation
  • Retail
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Corporate Offices
  • Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Assisted Living
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Private Housing
  • Restaurants
  • Liturgical
  • Medical
  • Urban Design and Planning