2nd East Hills Affordable Housing Development

Pittsburgh, PA

Telesis Corporation is a developer of affordable housing communities and a longtime client. We worked with them on this multi-phase affordable housing development in the East Hills of Pittsburgh. In three phases, we completed extensive interior and exterior renovations on a total of 266 units of affordable housing. These units are split between townhouses and apartments. We brought all units into UFAS and section 504 compliance, and made the structures accessible to wheelchairs for the first time; some structures were as many as four stories high and the site was heavily sloped. The development also included a community center and communal open spaces.

"Your firm has provided amazing service for us, and I could not wish for a better partner in what has been a very challenging project. For starters, you and members of your staff are incredibly responsive and able to help address whatever problems might arise. You are always on top of whatever changes might affect our project."
Laura Lazarus
Senior Vice President, Telesis

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