Burson Marsteller

Pittsburgh, PA

For a client with a team-oriented environment, we created interactive, flexible spaces and user-centered, custom workstations. To increase interoffice communication and avoid isolation, personnel workstations were fine-tuned to respond to the users' shifting needs for concentration versus interaction. We selected office furnishings that emphasize an eclectic mix of classic modern pieces with current ergonomic furnishings. Brainstorming hubs and group work areas which adjoin offices were designed to foster casual conversation, informal group gatherings and periodic intense work efforts.

"Burson-Marsteller occupies space in downtown Pittsburgh's iconic Gateway Center office complex, where the surroundings give a nod to the mid-20th-century roots of our PR firm as well as showcase some of our 21st-century clients and their innovative, earth-friendly products—all brought to life by Lami Grubb. Together, we mixed modern design classics from the 1950s with furnishings and fabrics from George Nelson, Jens Risom, and Charles and Ray Eames; along with ultra-modern electronics, metal trusswork, and an open ceiling. A post-modernist palette of sea blue, pale yellow, and acid green against graphic black and cream keeps everything bright. The open floor plan enhances collaboration, creativity, and productivity for our employees."
Jody Lange
Managing Director, Burson Marsteller

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