Sewickley Academy - Oliver Science Building

Sewickley, PA

We recently renovated the Sewickley Academy Oliver Building, the Science Building for the Middle and Senior Schools. Our design called for a complete overhaul of the interior classrooms and labs as well as a new
colonnade and entrance.The new classrooms gave the school 21st century labs, and new "flex rooms" that allow students to have individual study and learning time. These rooms are equipped for experiments and research,
giving students, and faculty, the ability to research independently.

"For their professionalism, their careful attention to aesthetic design elements, and the sometimes difficult challenges of local building ordinances, their timeliness, and their commitment to working with the members of the faculty and staff who will be using the facilities to ensure we get the design right, [LGA] has earned by high regard and appreciation."
Kolia O'Connor
Head of School, Sewickley Academy
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