"The Sky Beneath Our Feet" - PIT Airport Terrazzo

Pittsburgh International Airport

The old quarry tile floor at Pittsburgh International Airport was renowned for it's "clackety-clack" sound effect caused by travelers' rolling luggage. When the airport decided to change the floor, LGA worked closely with the Pittsburgh Arts Council and the Allegheny County Airport Authority to find an artist to create a floor "mural." 

Eventually, Clayton Merrell was chosen and his design, "The Sky Beneath Our Feet" is now a 69,000 square foot art installation at Pittsburgh International Airport. 

"During their tenure working at Pittsburgh International Airport, LGA has proven to be a valuable partner to AIRMALL through their even-handed dealings, and negotiating our interests. We have come to have great confidence in LGA. They are our "go-to" architect!"
Jay Kruisselbrink
Senior Vice President, AIRMALL Pittsburgh
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