University of Pittsburgh - University Store on Fifth

Pittsburgh, PA

The University Store, the main bookstore of the University of Pittsburgh, presented several significant challenges, including very low headroom, a ramped two-level main floor, massive columns, and an awkward 'U'-shaped footprint with tight narrow passageways. We designed a transformative renovation: a large skylight was added over the new, widened stairway, bringing natural light throughout the store. We made the store more accessible to non-university affiliated patrons, while also creating a student-focused entryway near dorms. The addition of a technology center, book printing area, café and seating areas throughout the store further addressed the needs of end users.

"The success of the technology center is beyond anything we anticipated. The number of faculty and staff visiting this department is tenfold."
Debra Fyock
Store Director, University of Pittsburgh
  • Electric League of Western PA, Excellence in Lighting Award
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