We are excited to announce that as of August 5, 2019, our founders Suzan Lami and Bob Grubb have successfully transitioned the firm to President Paulette Burns and Vice Presidents Jonathan Glance, Scott Bofinger, Wayne Chang, and David Schaefer.

Suzan and Bob spent several years devising and implementing this succession plan. They worked closely with the firm’s remaining management team to smoothly transition all clients and projects over to the rest of the Partners. This step-down marks the official end of this planned transition period that has been long in the works and the start of a promising, bright new future.

LGA Partners began in 1993 as a sole proprietorship founded by Suzan Lami. In April 1995, Bob Grubb joined the firm, and the name became Lami Grubb Architects. As a result of the merger of Glance & Associates and internal promotion, Jonathan and Paulette became Partners in 2014. In the summer of 2017, key employees Scott Bofinger, Wayne Chang, and David Schaefer were promoted to Partner.

“Bob and Suzan have built a successful business by creating a culture where people want to come to work every day and an environment that celebrates collaboration and new ideas. We want to thank them for instilling a passion in each of us to create high-quality designs and establish meaningful relationships with clients who come back year after year,” said Jonathan Glance. “We will never forget the love and passion they have invested in building the LGA Partners of today,” adds Paulette Burns.

“We had high expectations for our partners, and they have exceeded them at every turn,” said Bob Grubb when asked about the future of the firm.  “We are confident they will continue to grow and improve what we started, and we look forward to celebrating their future successes,” added Suzan Lami.