March 8th is International Women’s Day. LGA would like to take a moment to express our support for and gratitude to all the incredible women in Architecture who continue to innovate, grow, and lead the industry through their passion, commitment, and hard work.
LGA has been a proud woman-supporting business since its creation in 1993 by our founding partner, Suzan Lami. Today, LGA’s staff of architects, interior designers, draftspeople, and support members is comprised of over 50% women. That percentage includes LGA’s President, Paulette Burns, who wrote a bit about her experiences as a woman in Architecture below:
“Early in my career, recognizing a shallow bench of women architects in firms, I knew it would be a test of strength and perseverance. It was often hard to be the only woman in a room of architects, engineers, and contractors. Still, I embraced that challenge as a young woman and seized every opportunity to surround myself with talented individuals to help me grow as a professional. After joining LGA Partners in 2004, I grew exponentially with an amazing woman architect and mentor at the helm, Suzan Lami. I look around the architectural profession now, and I’m so proud of all the other women that embraced that same challenge that I did. The diversity and changes in our profession, and certainly at LGA, makes us all better architects, designers, and people.”
Paulette Burns, RA, NCARB